Gear for Winter Expeditions
This polar clothing package is suggested for Arctic Kingdom trips in the fall, winter and early spring months, including the following:

* Spring Polar Bears & Icebergs of Baffin Photo Safari
* Polar Bear Mother & Newborn Cubs Photo Safari
* Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Photo Safari
* A Guided Northern Lights Getaway

Temperatures and weather conditions in polar regions varies widely depending on season and location. It can even change significantly throughout the week or day. In March and April, you may experience temperatures as cold as -40°C (-40°F), and in October and November average temperatures range from -5°C to -20°C (41°F to -4°F), with good chances of snow. Strong winds are very likely, either natural or from riding behind a snowmobile, making temperatures feel much colder (wind chill).

Below, you will find the equipment we recommend should you need to purchase gear for your upcoming trip.